If you are planning to set up your office in West Palm Beach, you must fulfill the following requirements which are mandatory for all businesses in the city. Read below for resources for setting up your West Palm Beach Office.

Information and Resources for Setting Up Your West Palm Beach Office

Get a business license- Business licensing in West Palm Beach means getting a business tax receipt/certificate of use from the Construction Services Department. This department is located at 401 Clematis Street in West Palm Beach. You can either request a business license application from them directly or download it from the City of West Palm Beach website. After completing your application properly, you can submit it personally to the Construction Services Department.

Office_Stock_010_by_JohnMKimminsZonal approval- Before you apply for a business license in West Palm Beach, you need to get your business property zone approved. It is very important that you make sure your business property is in the proper zone before purchasing or leasing. You can contact the Zoning Department by phone at (561) 822-1435 for any queries.

You may need to contact other agencies- Depending upon the kind of business you are going to start; you might need to contact other agencies in order to get additional licenses besides your business license.

Get your Business License and Be On Your Way

Provide complete information needed for getting business license- When you apply for a business license in West Palm Beach, you need to fill the application property and fully, giving information about your business activities, business location and business ownership. You have to give details about the square footage of your business building, whether there will be vending machines located on your business premises, the number of seats and persons permitted in the building and so on. Also, you will have to give a description of your business activities, a state license or Florida bar card (in case it is applicable to your business), the amount of your inventory, and the number of vehicles to be used for your business. Then, you will need to provide the name of your business. If applicable to your business name, you may also need to have a fictitious name certificate. In additional to this, you will need to submit the mailing and physical address of your business and all phone numbers related with your business and so on. Fill the application consciously and accurately to avoid later complications.

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